grace (gras) n.  1. seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement.  2. a characteristic or quality pleasing for its charm or refinement.  3. a disposition to be generous or helpful.

Good Graces Photography was launched in the summer of 2010 after some urging from friends, family and parents of children who I had photographed just for fun. What started from fun continues to be a wonderful source of joy for me as a thriving freelance career that consists of children and newborn photography, family sessions, birthday parties and events, engagement shoots and intimate wedding coverage.

What I try to convey to all of my clients is that our time together should be easygoing and unfold naturally. I am here to share in your love, your joy, your smiles and laughs, your excitement and your fun. And if there are a few tears along the way, happy or sad, I want to share those with you too. I want to capture what is real and I will use my photojournalistic approach to tell a story in each photo that I take of you and your loved ones. I want my photos to induce a feeling when you look at them and that is what really drives my passion for photography.

I look for undeniable love, effortless laughs, natural smiles, sincere moments, uncommon beauty, lively characters and the truest of emotions.